Energy Management Systems and flexibility in energy generation, storage and consumption

Why do we need Energy Management Systems in the Future?

Summary: The Energy Management Systems (EMS) represent an upgrade of the local automation and remote-control systems in (smart) homes, buildings, factories and communities. Their main goal is the minimization of energy costs, which is achieved by balancing the energy costs and the undisturbed basic functionality, considering all forms of energy and energy carriers. At the present time, EMS are focused on the optimization of energy usage. However, in 2016 the European Commission updated the Energy Efficiency Directive with the “Winter package 2016”, containing the document “Clean Energy For All Europeans”, which represents a political frame for the introduction of flexibility in energy generation, storage, and consumption. The further developed EMS, containing an autonomous decision logic, are one of the key elements for the introduction of energy flexibility (generation, storage, consumption) as market driven services, at least in the areas of electricity and heat supply. Thus, the EMS with an autonomous decision logic can provide additional incomes for their owners through services on energy flexibility markets.

Flexibility in energy generation, storage and consumption includes electricity and heat with possible extensions toward other forms of energy and energy carriers (gas).
Political frame: Energy Efficiency Directive, Winter package 2016 (Clean Energy For All Europeans).
Legal frame: Preparation is in progress in national energy agencies.


Whay do we need EMS with autonomous decision logic explained in 8 simple points.

Prepared for CAPACON: prof. dr. Gorazd Štumberger, UM FERI – Power Engineerig Laboratory, July 2018

Invitation to submit product research challenge. These will be examined by the expert commission and selected for a case study – 1 case per technological focus. Through the demonstration setting of energy management system of 3 cross-border laboratories, tips for improving your products will be provided.

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