How was the Register of Innovative companies CAPACON established?

The CAPACON project is aimed at strengthening research and innovation (R&I) capacities in the technological and economic field of Energy Conversion and Management in the cross-border area of Slovenia and Austria. Within this field, CAPACON chose 3 technological focuses:

– High efficiency power converters
– Energy storage systems
– Devices and systems for improving energy efficiency.

In the first part of stakeholder identification activities, we created a register

(map) of innovative companies operating on these focuses through publicly accessible databases.

In the research, through the following criteria, we defined the innovative component for integrating the companies into the CAPACON register of innovative companies:

  1. Market suitability of products of enterprises,
  2. Contribution of the product to solve energy problems
  3. Potential of a company for interregional cooperation
  4. Time to market (maturity of technology) and additional financing of research challenges
  5. Competencies of companies for further research and development

In addition, we have also established a list of Support organisations whose services can be used by innovative companies for different types of improvement support:

  • improving own business environment
  • improving access to project financing,
  • improving access to foreign markets (internationalization) and
  • Support to technical challenges (technical expert advice for product development)

Are you an Innovative company, but are not yet listed on a CAPACON map view?

Contact us at: capacon[@] Looking forward to your initiative!

Together with other stakeholders, you will be invited to submit your product research challenge. These will be examined by the expert commission and selected for a comprehensive study of 1 case per technological focus of the project. Through the energy management system of three cross-border laboratories, tips for improving your products will be provided.