What is the benefit for my company, if we join the CAPACON EMS?


A number of benefits are possible for companies that connect their product with CAPACON EMS. Benefits envisaged are related to the technical, economic, sustainable aspect of products and an insight into the services of flexibility of energy, which will shape the future energy market on a global scale.

1) Technical Benefits:

Technical Benefits

1.) The company will get the opportunity to check the ability of their devices for the inclusion in EMS and upcoming energy flexibility services, where the exchange of information between the EMS and device will be crucial for the maximization of energy flexibility potential, without deteriorating the device performance, its lifespan or quality of living (in buildings).

2.) Advice for further product development.

2) Economical Benefits:

1.) The findings of the product recommendations can be used to improve the quality of products, which can reach higher added value, and consequently the price of the product.

2.) The inclusion in the EMS will be enabled in the scope of the CapaCon project without any charges for companies.

3.) Only costs for the company are their internal costs for making device ready for connection to EMS.

3) Sustainabilty Benefit Aspect:


1.) Devices that can be connected to EMS and included in energy flexibility services indirectly enable:

– an increased share of renewables in electric grids,
– reduce the requirements for network reinforcements and
– reduce the needs for the secondary and tertiary reserve services.

All this reduces needs for utilization of resources, such as fossil, reduces CO2 emissions and in this way contributes to sustainability.

4) Energy flexibility services:


1.) Will be introduced as a market driven service.
The ones providing in these services should also gain some economic benefits. These services can be provided without interaction of the owners with the EMS or similar systems able to exchange information with controllable devices (consumption, storage, generation) connected to EMS.

2.) Sources for founding of flexibility services can be decreased costs for the transmission and distribution system operation and increased incomes of balancing groups (energy suppliers) achieved through the provision of flexibility services.

3.) ompanies will get fresh information related to the introduction of flexibility services.

5) Contact with academia:


Established contacts with research organizations in Slovenia and Austria:

  • Bi-directional knowledge exchange
  • Exchange of new ideas
  • Testing of devices
  • Advices for improvement and further development of products

6) Your Promotion:


1) Product recommendations as a possible reward (selection according to Expert Committee)

2) Short presentation of included companies and products on CAPACON homepage

3) Short promotion in printed Final project report  – according to the Interreg V-A SI-AT rules.


The deadline for your interest is extended until 30.09.2018.

Contact information:

Based on recived information the CAPACON team will contact the interested company.

  • CAPACON contact person in Slovenia is patricija.simonic1[@]um.si
  • CAPACON contact person in AustriaRegion Burgenland is marion.schoenfeldinger[@]forschung-burgenland.at
  • CAPACON contact person in Austria – Region Carinthia is W.Egger[@]fh-kaernten.at

Needed steps:

  • Contact local CAPACON partner and provide
  • short description of the device (controllable load, storage or generation unit) or service,
  • description of communication abilities
  • where the device should be installed (at company or at other remote location, in lab. at UMFERI, at CAPACON partner)
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Kindly invited!