Conclusions from CAPACON Use Case – High efficiency power converters

Power electronics is one of the main technologies to realize energy conversion with high efficiency. It is known that about 70% of electric energy is converted by power electronics devices before it reaches the consumer.

Solar micro-inverter SMI260

Nowadays, power electronics has become a fundamental technology critical for the development of energy conservation, especially for renewable energy. Especially in the area of renewable energy applications, power electronics converters play a more important role, which enables DC micro-grids to realize highly efficient usage of renewable energy and stable interfaces between energy storage systems and renewable energy resources, as well electrification of distant villages and rural areas. High-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems can also be enabled to replace some long-range transmission AC transmission systems and aircraft power supplies with special requirements can be realized by specific power converters.

The case study shows how modern approaches in design of power converters were applied to improve energy efficiency of a micro-inverter for photovoltaic modules. Case study has been done for the Solar Micro Inverter SMI260 by Letrika Sol.