How exactly will the integration of our Product or energy service be integrated into the CAPACON EMS?

In order to motivate innovative companies to connect products to CAPACON EMS we are publishing the additional explanations.

Ways to integrate a product:

The product of companies can be included in our EMS in different ways:

  1. the device can be installed in our laboratory as an extension of existing system and connected to our SQL server;
  2. the device can be installed at the site of CAPACON partners (FB, FH-K, UMFERI) and included in their existing information, which is already connected to our SQL server. (Only in the case, when this is in the interest of the CAPACON partner);
  3. the device is installed in company or any other remote location where it can be connected to our SQL server;

Service providers (energy flexibility, demand response):

  1. they can connect to our SQL server and send us requests to increase or decrease power consumption or generation.

For connection to our SQL the standard communication protocol REST API (HTTP) will used.
Establishment of each connection will be treated individually to reduce the cyber security problems.

Needed steps:

  • Contact local CAPACON partner and provide
  • short description of the device (controllable load, storage or generation unit) or service,
  • description of communication abilities
  • where the device should be installed (at company or at other remote location, in lab. at UMFERI, at CAPACON partner)
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The deadline for your interest is extended until 30.09.2018.

Contact information:

Based on recived information the CAPACON team will contact the interested company.

  • CAPACON contact person in Slovenia is patricija.simonic1[@]
  • CAPACON contact person in Austria – Region Burgenland is marion.schoenfeldinger[@]
  • CAPACON contact person in Austria – Region Carinthia is W.Egger[@]

Kindly invited!