Which are innovative companies in the field of energy conversion and management in Slovenia?

The CAPACON project aims at mapping companies and other support organizations active in the field of energy conversion and management in Slovenia. A joint survey of Slovenian partners have through publicly available databases, indicated at least 64 companies active in the field of energy conversion and management in Slovenia.
CAPACON covers three focus areas where global market relevant products of companies are emerging.

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CAPACON List of Innovative Companies – Slovenia

Main Products in Relation to CAPACON Focus Fields

High efficiency power converters (high power efficiency converters, low mass and volume, optimization of magnetic components, increase of switching frequency, soft switching and use of new semiconductor elements (SiC, GaN),

Energy storage systems (batteries and battery systems such as energy storage for static and mobile applications in eg products to support the effective use of renewable energy sources, vehicle electrification products, high quality battery systems, filling and protection systems, as well as in battery management systems, components and system integration …),

Devices and systems for improving energy efficiency (efficient energy use in buildings and distribution networks, products such as smart and energy efficient devices, renewable energy generation systems, energy management and optimization of the operation of the electricity system, interaction with the smart networks, components and system integration, …)

Companies ranking according to CAPACON Focus Fields and companies size

CAPACON Focus FieldsSMELarge Industry
High Efficiency Power Converters112
Energy Storage Systems102
Devices and Systems for Improving Energy Efficiency344