Informing CAPACON Stakeholders about the outcome of the “Cross-border Identification Study “

The study serves as a knowledge base for project stakeholders in the cross-border region of the Slovenia-Austria cooperation programme, which includes Austrian Carinthia and Burgenland and Slovenia. The stakeholders of the cross-border area (as chambers, energy agencies, companies and interested public) can use the study for their day-to-day business.

The study serves to transfer knowledge to stakeholders and link existing knowledge, skills and capacities under the umbrella field of energy conversion and management, which includes technologies: • Highly efficient power converters, • Energy storage systems, • Energy efficiency improvement systems.

CAPACON Stakeholder Mapping:

CAPACON activity of mapping stakeholders from the cross-border area has recognized more than 180 innovative companies and support institutions in the cross-border region of Slovenia and Austria, which are all active in the focus areas of the CAPACON project with use of “Innovation Criterias”.

Innovation Criterias used:

Innovation criterias include: – Market suitability of products of enterprises, – Contribution of the product to solve energy problems, – Potential of a company for interregional cooperation, – Time to market (maturity of technology) and additional financing of research challenges, – Competencies of companies for further research and development. The results of stakeholder mapping activities are available through CAPACON “Live Map” (

Innovative Stakeholdersincluded:

V študijo je vključenih 12 zaznanih in obetavnih podjetijidentificirani inovativni deležniki:

AVL GmbH | Crank-e mobililty solutions GmbH | eSolutions GmbH  | Etrel, d.o.o. | GOAP, Računalniški inženiring in avtomatizacija procesov, Herz Energietechnik GmbH | KOLEKTOR SISTEH d.o.o. | Letrika Sol d.o.o. |Prof.el, d.o.o. | SITEL, Energetska oprema in sistemi, d.o.o. | Skupina BISOL, d.o.o. | Skupina Kelag – KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH |  Smole energy solutions Gmbh

Support Institutions:

In addition, we have also included support organizations from Slovenia and Austria (a total of 29) whose services can be used by companies from CAPACON technology areas for several types of improvements:
– improving their business environment,
– improving access to project financing,
– improving access to foreign markets (internationalization) and
– support for technical challenges (technical expert advice for product development).

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