CAPACON English Session and
Stakeholder’s participation at
“e-nova 2018” Conference

The international congress e-nova 2018 took place in Pinkafeld – Austria between 22nd and 23rd of November 2018. The CAPACON event participation was decided due the topics that ”e-nova 2018” addresses on relevant CAPACON priority technology areas and stakeholder interest towards these topics. CAPACON have brought companies and agencies from Slovenia, active in the field of energy efficient products & solutions and smart buildings of the future interested in bilateral cooperation.

Slovenian stakeholder participants had access to all 4 parallel sessions of “e-nova 2018” and have used the programme by their choice.
This year “A building of the future” was the cover topic of 4 parallel running sessions.
1.) Digital building | 2.) Net connected buildings
3.) Eco social buildings aspect | 4.) Energy Efficiency

E-Nova Opening, 22.11.2018

1.) CAPACON English Session – Energy efficiency and flexibility success

The Slovenian stakeholders’ presentations focused on their products solving the challenges of energy efficiency and flexibility and seeking out the proper Austrian collaboration partner. Therefore, B2B matching of Slovenian and Austrian stakeholders was supported by CAPACON project staff.

  1. MENERGA | | Presentation: “Hybrid Units for Exponential Energy Savings with Renewable energy sources”
  2. GOAP | | Presentation: “Why is every house not a smart home?”
  3. RASR | | Presentation: “Presentation Challenge”
  4. LEA Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje | |Presentation: “The link between private and public sector”

GOAP SI and Herz – AT, Pinkafeld 22.11.2018

2.) Project proposal working group formed

In the organised CAPACON SESSION ideas and brainstorming were desired from participants. Participants presented several sets of ideas that can be complied to energy efficiency and flexibility topics. Basic guidelines for future project and consortium type was identified.

The stakeholders engaged continued and formed two official partnerships. These 2 newly assembled partnerships successfully submitted not one but two proposals to INTERREG Alpine Space programme on two different priorities:

– EFINNO -” Energy Flexibility Innovation Network for Smart Buildings in Alpine Space” and
– SEPAS -” Smart energy planning for Alpine Space regions” submitted in November 2018 as the result of the T3 Stakeholder meeting and forums CAPACON activity.

3.) Excursion to advanced technology solutions demonstration site – HERZ ENERGIE TECHNIK

CAPACON project partners and participating stakeholder visited visited HERZ – a specialist of renewable energy systems – at the demonstration site with applied advanced technology solution. The international concern Herz group has the headquarters in Pinkafeld (Austria). The HERZ Energie Technik company presentation point and production facility was seen.  Most important fact for CAPACON Stakeholders is, that Research & Development Department from HERZ – Energie Technik is established and running in Pinkafeld AT, making innovation connections possible and near.


CAPACON and Stakeholders at Herz Energie Technik, Pinkafeld AT, 23.11.2018

Stakeholder Report in EN here (.pdf)

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