CAPACON EMS Remains Open for Connection of Innovative Companies’ products!

In order to deliver product improvements on the three technological focuses CAPACON has interlinked the research and measuring equipment of three cross border laboratories to the virtual energy management system – CAPACON EMS.

Connection of products brings many benefits to companies connecting their product with CAPACON EMS. Benefits are linked to the technical, economic, sustainable aspect of products, while providing an insight into the services of flexibility of energy, which will shape the future energy market on a global scale.

Ways and steps to integrate a product are possible through Internet or physical connections. A standard REST API (HTTP) communication protocol will be used to connect to our SQL at UMFERI. The establishment of each connection will be specifically addressed to reduce cybersecurity issues.


  1. What is the benefit for my company, if we join the CAPACON EMS?
  2. How exactly will the integration of our Product or energy service be integrated into the CAPACON EMS?


We are focused on:


high power efficiency converters,
– low mass and volume,
– optimization of magnetic components,
– increase of switching frequency,
– soft switching and
– use of new semiconductor elements (SiC, GaN)


focus on batteries and battery systems such as
– energy storage for static and mobile applications in, for example,
– products to support the effective use of renewable energy sources,
– vehicle electrification products,
– high quality battery systems,
– charging and protection systems, as well as in
– systems for managing batteries, components and system integration


focus on efficient energy use in buildings and the distribution network,
– products such as smart and energy efficient devices,
– renewable energy production systems,
– energy management and optimization of the operation of the electricity system,
– interaction with smart grid, components and system integration

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3.) Professional excursion and B2B 22.-23.November 2018, Austria

Announcement of a Professional excursion to Burgenland region from 22.-23. November 2018. The region is facing the surplus of RES in the EES. They are looking for technologies to solve the challenge. Visit of technology demonstrators and B2B meetings in the framework of the international E-Nova Congress 2018.