Invitation to
(region Burgenland), 22.-23.11.2018

as part of our activity, CAPACON organizes two-day professional-oriented event. As provider of state-ot-the-art solutions and as a part of our business cooperation visit to Burgenland (Austria), we enable:

  • presentation of your company and your active participation in the 22. e-Nova 2018 professional-oriented event (event title for 2018: A building of the future?),
  • organizing several B2B sessions with over 300 participants of professional-oriented event e-Nova,
  • possibility to view demonstration sites with implemented advanced comprehensive technological solutions,
  • access to the market and into circles, to which members and stakeholders themselves maybe do not have access.

The region Burgenland is one of the few in entire EU that is facing surpluses of energy in the electro-energetic system. Therefore, the region is on intense search for solutions in the field of energy storage, optimization and control of surpluses in electro-energetic system.

Special CapaCon Section at e-Nova 2018:

  • presentation of your company (description of the activities and technological solutions, what the company needs or what company offers, possibility of B2B connections and networking)
  • be active speaker on professional-oriented event with own expert topics (presentation, problem, challenge, solution)
  • be participant (listener) of a set of themes on professional-oriented event

Basic info about event e-Nova 2018:

  • professional-oriented event, the largest in the field of renewable energy sources in Austria (
  • predicted about 300 participants from 9 countries
  • 170-200 commercially oriented companies, looking for buyers, suppliers or technological solutions over 60 research institutions, about 70 expert lecturers.

e-Nova 2018 event topics:

  • digital buildings (data safety and digital processes, building of an information system for digital management of smart buildings)
  • into network connected buildings (legal part, intelligent energy networks, automation of smart buildings, integration of renewable energy sources, energy storage)
  • eco-social aspect of a buildings (human-building interaction, comfort – human in the center, low-tech buildings, CO2 neutral buildings)
  • energy efficiency (storage of thermal and electric energy, dynamic electric-energy storages –compensatory solution for voltage volatility/fluctuations, integration of heat pump technology)


On the locations of demonstration sites with state-of-the-art technology solutions the leading experts from the company will present us s technological solution and its background. There will be opened expert discussion of challenges, problems, solutions in this field of activities – but on the other side there will be open possibility for partner-supplier linking.

linki: – vabilo TECES

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Professional excursion and B2B 22.-23.November 2018, Austria

Professional excursion to Burgenland region from 22.-23. November 2018. The region is facing the surplus of RES in the EES. They are looking for technologies to solve the challenge. Visit of technology demonstrators and B2B meetings in the framework of the international E-Nova Congress 2018.